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StoreStreams offers the best streaming music service for business and provides background music for businesses in Austin Texas. StoreStreams is a fully licensed background music service provider for commercial and public spaces. StoreStreams is considered one of the best streaming music services for business use and is extremely affordable and affordable to use. StoreStreams costs up to 50% less than typical business music services, supplies great customer service and can curate custom music playlist for your business that creates your brand identity. This is why StoreStreams is considered one of the best streaming music service for business that supplies background music for businesses.

StoreStreams makes streaming music for business simple. StoreStreams offers a streaming music service that integrates seamlessly with your retail environment to provide you with the best streaming music service for your business.

Research has shown that streaming music in a public business increase productivity and helps customers identify with your brand. Go into just about any retail store and you are likely will hear music streaming in the background. For smaller businesses it may be more for the enjoyment of the staff, but for most retailers it is to create that association for your customers of the goods and services that your business offers that fits them just right. This association of music and the experience that your customer gets when they are in your business is what helps customers associate with your business and become loyal customers. StoreStreams helps you set the tone of your business and create that perfect soundtrack for your brand.

StoreStreams provides a fully legit streaming music for business solution for any Austin Texas area company owners. The StoreStreams streaming music service is only available for commercial use and is the ideal solution for almost any Texas business owner who is looking for a streaming music service for their business.

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The background music for business service that StoreStreams provides, a feature abundant solution that is affordable for any retailer, hotel, bar, restaurant, gym or medical facility positioned in the AustinTexas area.

StoreStreams offers complete solutions for commercial background music services which can include all streaming music hardware. StoreStreams also retails 70 volt music systems “amps, audio system and internet radio decoder boxes”, to fully legal music programming that is ready to be used your business.

StoreStreams offers complete installation service of all equipment through out the Austin area no matter if you have one or thousands of retail locations.

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Since StoreStreams is a simple streaming music solution it can be delivered quickly and anywhere. A broadband internet connection is required to access a StoreStreams streaming music feed.

Keep in mind it is important to choose a streaming music provider that fits your needs.

Ambient background Music is important for any restaurant, bar, hospitality service or retail location. This helps create the atmosphere for your business that your staff and customers will experience. Streaming background music for your business can also help you increase sales in your AustinTexas business location if used appropriately.

The StoreStreams streaming music for business service can create a custom playlists that creates that perfect vibe for your business.

At StoreStreams we take the time to understand your business and most of all your patrons demographic. We work with you to develop a comprehensive music playlist that your customers and staff  will enjoy.

What Does StoreStreams Offer Your AustinTexas Business?

For the cost StoreStreams offers remarkable value for its service offering. StoreStreams offers streaming background music services that provide:

  • Custom music playlists
  • Large music selections
  • Day parting “around the clock genre music swaps”
  • Ability to place your own branding and advertisements
  • Scalability that can meet any large multi retail location requirements
  • Affordable pricing
  • A solution that can be integrated into your phone system for on-hold music.
  • An easy to use solution.

Here Are More Advantages For Using StoreStreams As Your Streaming Music Service For Your Austin Texas Business.


  • Simple streaming internet radio delivery
  • Optional no hardware costs (you can use a mobile device or PC).
  • Music can be completely customized for your retail location.
  • Music can be edited quickly remotely by StoreStreams staff.
  • Easy to implement. Just plug your mobile device into your sound system.

Additional Selling Points Include

  • Huge libraries of music.
  • Sometimes playlists are customized to your business.
  • StoreStreams can update the platform with new features easily without you having to buy new hardware.
  • No need for hardware if you have a computer.
  • Fast and easy to set up.
  • Completely legal we pay all royalties to Pro Music Reporting Agencies.
    In Canada Resound, SOCAN
  • Easy to use and changed playlists.
  • Can be integrated into your phone system for on-hold music.
  • Easy to install.

This is why StoreStreams is considered one of the best streaming music service for business

StoreStreams is easy to use, offers full support and has a fully licensed extensive music library. Subscribe now for $20.00 a month.  StoreStreams offers a 30 day free trial that is  easy to Install with  no long-term contracts streaming music services for commercial use that supplies restaurant music, hotel and resort music, office music, on hold music and music for retailers.


StoreStreams Best Streaming Music Service For Business in AustinTexas

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